News Flash: I Dream In Stereo named "Best Music Video"
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THE SONGS OF Influence (1-min clips):

Old Blue Ridge Play

Under The Influence Play

Sermon On The Mount Play

Vision In Vanilla (instr.) Play

There Is Love Play

Logical Conclusion Play

Another Lap Around The Sun Play

Leave It Up To You Play

Cradle To Grave Play

I Dream In Stereo Play

Getting Off Play

The Solution (instr.) Play

As Is (instr.) Play

Storm (instr.) Play

Tyko (feline) Play


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Glaserbeam is singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Ken Glaser with a rotating pool of Special Guest Stars.

THE ALBUM: Influence

A Brief Guide To The Songs

Old Blue Ridge: You can fly in this dream. Adapted from my nephew David Glaser's original version.

Under The Influence: Of alcohol...or love?

Sermon On The Mount: A plea for the individual to speak up and be heard, because one voice can truly change the world.

Vision In Vanilla: Harpist extraordinaire Dr. Vanessa Sheldon sat down at the keyboards to create this soulful instrumental. Watch Dr. Sheldon’s harp videos here.

There Is Love: Can love be found at the molecular level?

Logical Conclusion: An epic love song in 5/4 time.

Another Lap Around The Sun: A sort of Auld Lang Syne for the new millennium.

Leave It Up To You: I read between your lines: “Back off, Jack.”

Cradle To Grave: A journey of universal proportions.

I Dream In Stereo: When you dream, do you ever hear music in vivid stereo? Watch the video here.

Getting Off: On Saturday I'm telling Jane to "stop this crazy thing!" Lead guitar by Kent Mark.

The Solution: A blazing instrumental that received an Honorable Mention Award from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in 2002. Written primarily by, and featuring the lead guitar stylings of, Steve Thomas.

As Is: Acoustic guitar-based instrumental interlude.

Storm: A meditative instrumental accented with nature sounds.

Tyko: Originally intended to be an instrumental, but picked up an unusual guest vocalist along the way.

Influence is the newest CD release by Glaserbeam.

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